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This membership platform is where you can find incredible information about a wide variety of cutting-edge holistic health topics, Nutrition, Homeopathy, World Health issues and so much more! I am here to help you take your health to the next level with incredible resources, guidance, downloadable content, articles, etc in an interactive and affordable way.

My Story

Marla Pietruszko Holistic Nutrionist and Homeopathic Doctor

My love for Holistic Health and Natural Medicine began after I gave birth to my second son and I had a hard time recovering. I experienced severe post partum depression, very low energy, psoriatic arthritis and many other issues. I had eczema for as long as I could remember (6 years old) and developed IBS and PCOS in my teens due to a very high sugar and refined foods diet…

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  • THOUSANDS of dollars worth of content/resources
  • Access to content that is censored by social media
  • Lots of free PDF downloads on various health topics and cutting edge health-related news
  • New PDFs, blog posts and videos released frequently from Marla on a variety of health topics/condition (not available anywhere else)
  • Ability to submit any health-related questions to Marla Pietruszko directly through the Q&A Forum
  • Access to Holistic Spring Community discussion forum
  • Mulitple holistic quizzes posted monthly to improve your knowledge on health and wellness
  • Chance to build a community with other like-minded people suffering with the same health conditions
  • 2 Monthly live video group coaching Q&A call with Marla (she answers your health concerns and questions)
  • Live chat room
  • Bonus: FREE holistic elixers guide
  • BONUS: The Truth about 5G & Solutions eBook
  • BONUS: 8 Delicious KETO Smoothie Recipes eBook
  • BONUS: Essential Oil Dilutions Guide for children
  • BONUS: Harmful Supplement Ingredients to Avoid
  • BONUS: Liver and Kidney Homeopathic drainage Protocol
  • Supplement & Product Discounts!


This membership is packed with resources!! The Q&A is such an intimate environment to have ALL your questions answered by Marla. Marla is soooo informative, educated, and relatable. The amount of knowledge she has in holistic nutrition is insane and I learn so much from her. Ive had the opportunity to work one-on-one with her and I am filled with so much gratitude for how much she has helped me with my health. Its because of her that I was able to conceive my baby boy. I am forever thankful for her <3

-Antonio & Alicia

Just wanted to say how much I am loving this platform. I love how I can come on here and ask questions, learn so much info that I have never heard before and get to feel like I am part of a little community. I love it and I love how great you are Marla. you always respond so quickly to all our answers and you give us so much time! You are appreciated 🙂


I’m loving this platform so far. I love the in depth honest answers you get when asking questions. The keto smoothies are delicious! Where else are you going to get all this truthful content for the price – Well worth the money!! Knowledge is power. Thank you Marla:)


I am so grateful to have stumbled on Marla while watching YouTube videos. This website is so helpful and so encouraging. After seeing four holistic drs and not seeing much progress I actually have hope again!! Thank you so much Marla for creating such a comprehensive website with way more content than expected, you truly are so generous! You have taught me more in the couple weeks I’ve been on here than I’ve learned over the last decade! And thank you immensely for answering all my questions!! I look so forward to working one on one with you in the future and so incredibly grateful I can get started on this healing journey while I’m waiting with the content on this site and your guidance! Thank you!

-Danielle W.


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